50K Women's Champion Gets Direct Accept Wild Card into WTA 250 ATX Open - February 22-March 2, 2025

Rising Through the Ranks: Austin’s 25k Event Offers a Shot at Tennis Stardom


Rising Through the Ranks: Austin’s 25k Event Offers a Shot at Tennis Stardom

The H-E-B Women’s Pro Tennis Open will take place from November 13th to November 19th in Austin, Texas at the Texas Tennis Center.

Left to right: 2021 H-E-B Women’s ITF 25K champion Mirjam Bjorkland, 2022 runner up Clervie Ngounoue and 2022 champion Peyton Stearns.

For every budding tennis star, there’s that defining moment – a pivotal turn that propels them into the limelight. The Austin 25k Women’s Event is fast becoming that springboard, bridging the gap between promising talents and the grand stages of professional tennis.

The Wild Card: Not Just an Entry, but a Statement

Winning the Austin 25k is about more than just clinching the title. It’s a golden passport into the exclusive realm of the ATX Open, a WTA 250 event. In 2022, Dropshot Series piloted a program where the winners of the past two women’s ITF events, Mirjam Bjorkland and Peyton Stearns (pictured above) were awarded wild cards into the main draw of the ATX Open. This idea was not meant to signify merely an entry; it’s a statement of intent, a signal to the world that a player is ready to perform on the sport’s biggest stage.

Peyton Stearns: From College Courts to WTA Spotlight

Few encapsulate the transformative power of this opportunity better than 2022’s
champion, Peyton Stearns. Reflecting on her journey, Stearns reveals, “ITF events, like the H-E-B Dropshot series event, had a huge impact on how I transitioned from my college career to my professional career.”

She continues, “After winning the Dropshot event in Austin, I was awarded a wildcard into the ATX Open. Playing in Austin at a WTA event felt surreal. Austin has always been close to my heart, almost a second home. The overwhelming support I received during the week was electrifying, fueling my passion and drive. That week, I didn’t just win my first WTA match; I reached my first WTA quarterfinals. I’ll be back!” Stearns’ career has reached new heights since her quarterfinal run at last year’s ATX Open. Since her debut appearance on the WTA tour, Stearns has stormed up the rankings, and she currently sits at no. 48 in the world.

A Launchpad for Future Tennis Greats

It’s evident that the Austin 25k Women’s Event is more than just a tournament; it’s a launchpad. Young players don’t just compete for a title; they vie for a chance to leapfrog into the world of professional tennis, to feel the adrenaline of higher-stakes matches, and to compete alongside the sport’s elites.

For the Fans: This isn’t just a tournament; it’s the birthplace of opportunity. Your cheers, your support could be the driving force behind the next tennis sensation. Come see the H-E-B Women’s Pro Tennis Open live at the Texas Tennis Center from November 13th to November 19th.

To the players: The Austin 25k Women’s Event is your platform, your arena. Grasp this opportunity and let the world witness the rise of the next tennis superstar.

In a sport where opportunities can be fleeting, the Austin 25k ensures that talent doesn’t go unnoticed. For the victor goes the spoils, and in this case, a shot at tennis stardom.